Administrative Professionals Webinar

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Event Description: 
The National Life Administrative Professional Group will host an online workshop and networking session celebrating Administrative Professionals Week. Make the biggest impact you can even when you're not the ultimate decision maker. How? Influence! Join us for in depth dialogue on what influence looks like in your role, and how you can use it to earn your seat at the leadership table. Not just once but continually! Guest Speaker, Tyler Parris is an author, a Hudson-certified executive coach, and former corporate chief of staff. He served 2.5 years as Chief of Staff at Intellectual Ventures helping lead an 800-person organization with $5Billion under management, across 4 fund families. He has built and managed teams in large and small companies, the US Marines, and nonprofits. Perhaps most importantly, he has facilitated well-run operations and programs at global scale and counseled senior executives on issues affecting their organizations without being the formal decision maker and has relied on influence most of his career. Tyler will use an interactive presentation and small group discussions to: Map your world and identify the relationships that would enable you to achieve more. Explore key steps to influencing effectively. Practice influencing in small groups, using a case study. RSVP by April 16th by emailing or calling 802.229.3298 Zoom Webinar Link to be provided upon receipt of RSVP
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