Towns of the Valley

Tap into the White River Valley! This is a fertile watershed of 14 towns clustered around a playful river.  The valley is home to distinctive communities and caring people. We value friendship and hospitality as much as hard work and a social life.

Here you’ll find a rare mix of authentic Vermont traditions and livelihoods enhanced by vibrant performing and visual art spaces, four seasons of outdoor adventures, cutting-edge industries, celebrated colleges, and quality local foods, fresh from the  farm to your palate. 

Whether you come for a performance, a vacation, a job or a lifetime, you will never run out of things to see and experience.  Pull up a chair, a chair lift, fresh air, a fresh pear, or a pair of tickets.  Tap into the towns and see all they have to offer.

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Map: Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission


White River Valley Facts:

White River Valley Population (2010 Census): 20,132
    Smallest Town: Granville, pop. 298
    Largest Town: Randolph, pop. 4,778 

White River Valley Area: 602 square miles
    Smallest Town: Pittsfield, 21 square miles
    Largest Town: Rochester, 57 square miles

White River Valley population density: 33.44 people/square mile
    Lowest Density: Granville, 5.8 people/square mile
    Highest Density: Royalton, 68 people/square mile

Highest elevation in the White River Valley: Granville (3,350 feet)
Lowest elevation in the White River Valley: Sharon (400 feet)

White River Valley includes:
    849 miles of paved roads
    148 miles of dirt roads

    120 miles of White River & branches

47 Churches
    43 Schools
    16 Libraries
    9 Health clinics
    4 Veterinary hospitals/clinics

    346,268 acres of forestland
    87,206 acres of conserved land
    62,534 acres of state and national parks and forestland

Average yearly temperatures (Randolph):
    Low: 32.2
    High: 49.8

Data provided by the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission. Demographic data is based on the 2010 census. All other data is accurate as of 3/17/14.